12 Inch Record Boxes Handcrafted Solid Wood Vinyl Crates.

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Handcrafted 12" Solid Wood Vinyl Crates
Fabulous vintage style record boxes
Super stylish retro storage solution for your record collection.
Authentic vintage prints & designs.
Handcrafted using traditional methods our solid wood record crates are designed for vinyl.

Our 12” record boxes come in two sizes the standard "340 Digger" crate & large "370 Fatboy".
Both are designed for 12" albums & records with the bigger 85 capacity Fatboy being the vinyl collectors choice giving extra width for non standard covers & large outer protective sleeves (PVC/Cardboard archival covers) .

Great storage for the vinyl collector & perfect gifts music fans, these crates are handmade in very small numbers.

  • Solid wood constriction, rustic iron corner straps with side hand cut outs.
  • Flat sides & solid base panel to keep your vinyl straight and warp free
  • Manufactured from FSC & PEFC compliant sustainable timber.
  • Vintage style direct to wood printed design (No stickers)
  • Over 20 designs to choose from the drop down list from £24.99 Large £28.99

Model Specifications

340 Digger : 12" Standard LP Record Crate.
Holds approximately 65 single albums.*
External W34x27x27cm Internal W32x25x25cm.
Designed for standard single LP covers.
(Not recommended for use with aftermarket outer covers)

370 Fatboy : 12" large LP Record Crate.
Large 12" crate with extra width version for non standard outer covers & PVC Sleeves.
Holds approximately 85 albums* 
External W37xD30xH28cm Internal W35xD28xH26cm

*The 340 standard record box pictured is holding 60 12" albums for display purpose.
*The 370 large record box pictured is holding 80 12" albums for display purpose.
*Our boxes are all natural wood products made by hand & each one unique, the actual finish colour & print size may differ slightly from listing product image.
*Approximate box capacity given is based on single 12" albums in standard covers. 
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