7 Inch Record Boxes Handcrafted Vintage Vinyl Crates

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Handcrafted "220 Cube"  7inch Single Record Crates
Fabulous vintage style record box.
The 220 Cube model holds approximately 75 7" vinyl singles.
Super stylish storage solution for your record collection.
Authentic vintage prints & designs.
Handcrafted using traditional methods our solid wood record crates are designed for vinyl.
From £19.99

  • Model Specification:
  • 220 Cube: 7" Singles record box.
  • Capacity: Approx 75 Vinyl 7" records in standard covers.
  • Size. External: W22x22x22 cm. Internal: W20x20x20cm.
  • Solid wood constriction, rustic iron corner straps with side hand cut outs.
  • Flat sides & solid base panel to keep your vinyl straight and warp free
  • Manufactured from slow grown, kiln dried, responsibly sourced timber.
  • Heavyweight PVC sleeve friendly 
  • Vintage style direct to wood printed design (No stickers)

*The 220 record box pictured is holding 75 7" singles for display purpose. 

The goods sold by Apple Vintage are of our own design or unofficial unless stated  . No relation to any other brand or organisation is claimed or implied. Our handcrafted goods are intend for collectors storage & vinyl cataloguing 

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