Sun Rockabilly  Record Box Large 80 12
Sun Rockabilly  Record Box Large 80 12
Sun Rockabilly  Record Box Large 80 12

Sun Rockabilly Record Box Large 80 12" LP's Wooden Vinyl Album Crate


Rockabilly Sun
Fabulous vintage style record box.
This 385 LA crate holds approximately 80 12" vinyl albums
Extra width added to accommodate non standard outer covers & thick PVC sleeves

Super stylish storage solution for your record collection.
Authentic vintage prints & designs.
Handcrafted using traditional methods our solid wood record crates are designed for vinyl. 

This design is available in other sizes.

  •  Model Specification: 385LA: 12" Vinyl record box.
  • Capacity: Approx 80 Vinyl 12" records in standard covers.
  • Size. External: W38.5cm D30cm H28cm Internal: W35cm D28cm H 27cm
  • Solid wood constriction, rustic iron corner straps with side hand cut outs.
  • Flat sides & solid base panel to keep your vinyl straight and warp free
  • Manufactured from solid timber.
*The 385 record box pictured is holding 80 12" albums for display purpose.
Northern soul is a music and dance movement that emerged in Northern England in the late 1960s from the British mod scene, based on a particular style of black American soul music, especially in the mid-1960s, with a heavy beat and fast tempo. The northern soul movement generally eschews Motown or Motown-influenced music that has had significant mainstream commercial success. The recordings most prized by enthusiasts of the genre are usually by lesser-known artists, released only in limited numbers, often by small regional American labels such as Ric-Tic and AMG Records (Cincinnati), Golden World Records (Detroit), Mirwood (Los Angeles) and Shout and Okeh (New York/Chicago).
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